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With SEVEN POUNDS THE UNIVERSE BY EAR adress guts and brains at the same time. At first the song sounds as if the Beastie Boys joined forces with Led Zeppelin, but all of a sudden the crimson king appears from within the nebulas of outerspace and sends all the rules and customs of rock to the scaffold.

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Born of the embers of endless hours of improvisation; the music of Khaldera is the reflection of what is created on the spur of the moment. Something that is beyond the grasp of rational thought, cast into songs, allowing it to recreate these particular moments to a certain extend. Situated someplace amidst the gentle hills of the Swiss Plateau, Khaldera has self-released their debut EP “Relief” in 2013 (mixed and mastered by Aaron Harris and Chris Common respectively) before being signed to Czar Of Revelations and releasing their follow up EP “Alteration” in 2016 (mixed and mastered by BlackArtAudio Studios)

Remaining instrumental for the time being, Khaldera creates a distinct atmosphere with carefully designed guitar lines, visceral drumming and solid fretless bass playing. Mesmerizing and fateful drones with transcendental qualities swell into cathartic destruction just like a peaceful stream swells into a violent, cleansing river.






Where is it written that there may only be one Big Bang? In Summer 2015, to the day 13,8 billion years after the first one, The Universe By Ear have initiated another big boom. Since then basses tear black holes into space, drums dart like unstoppable comets through zero gravity and guitars paint stripes of fire on the horizon.

Three bold and daring musicians fom Basel/Switzerland have gartered for this mission, to lead rock to places noone has ever set foot before: a complex, colourful, suprising, hard and melodic landscape in a cosmos, in which improvised freefall and structured form coexist peacefully. 

Fasten your seatbelts, because we are off to explore The Universe By Ear!