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Today Noisey Swirzerland premiered Louis Jucker & Emilie Zoé's AUTISTI album (Disc 2 from Louis' 5LP book L'Altro Mondo).

Stream AUTISTI now in its entire length via Noisey Switzerland.


Official release is this Friday April 14th via Hummus Records, CRAZYSANE RECORDS, S.K Records and Czar Of Revelations.

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AUTISTI (Louis Jucker & Emilie Zoé) CD & LP
L'Altro Mondo - Music With Lovers And Friends 5LP or 5CD book


AUTISTI (Louis Jucker & Emilie Zoé) on tour:

14.04.17 – Basel, Kaserne Basel
15.04.17 – Lyon, La Méduze
16.04.17 - Dijon, Deep Inside Klub Rock
17.04.17 - Altkirch, Le Domaine
18.04.17 - Nancy, La Colline
19.04.17 - Lille, Do It Yourself Café
20.04.17 – Paris, Espace B Paris
28.04.17 – Delémont, SAS
16.05.17 - Karlsruhe, P8
17.05.17 - Chemnitz, AC17
19.05.17 - Neuchâtel, Case à Chocs
20.05.17 - Sion, Point 11
21.05.17 - Bienne, Le Salopard
04.06.17 - Düdingen - Bad Bonn Kilbi 2017
17.06.17 - Neuchâtel, Festi'neuch
18.06.17 - Dijon, La Vapeur

Watch the video here:

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The new album ELEMENT of the hybrid rockers NEO NOIRE is going to be released on May 5th 2017 by Czar Of Revelations in cooperation with Radicalis. Although it is the band's debut album it's a mature piece of work as all the members collected experiences over the years from their other current or past combos (Zatokrev, The Leaving, GURD, Undergod, Erotic Jesus, Slag In Cullet, Disgroove). NEO NOIRE impress with mixing different styles from alternative and post/psychedelic rock with metal, while at the same time they bridge the gap between these genres. The band celebrates their very own form of hybrid rock in a way that recalls the golden age of bands like Samshing Pumkinpins or Jane’s Addiction in the 90s - but without all the gaudiness these bands were trapped in and awe-inspiring transferred to the present day.

Check out the new Lyric-Video for the song HOME. Preorder the album ELEMENT at the CzarShop on Vinyl or CD.

12.04. CH-Berne Rössli
21.04. CH-Winterthur Salzhaus
12.05. CH-Basel Kaserne
07.06. CH-Zürich Ebrietas
16.11. ESP-Madrid TBA
17.11. ESP-Seville Sala Even
18.11. ESP-Malaga Eventual Music


The Universe By Ear's selftitled debut album is out now. 20 Minuten is streaming the brilliant prog-psyc opus in its entire length and they wrote a great article about this exceptional group of supermusicians which currently even get great articles in Australian magazines.

"The Universe By Ear könnten die nächste Rock-Sensation aus Basel sein. Das erste Video des Basler Trios Ocean/Clouds sorgte sogar in Australien für Aufsehen. Das breit gelesene Popkulturmagazin Beautiful.Bizarre lobte den «entzückenden» Mix aus Experimental, Prog und Funk. «Es ist beinahe eine Überraschung, dass dies Musik aus dem Jahr 2017 ist.» Tatsächlich hat der Sound einen starken Retro-Einschlag."

Order CD at the Czar Shop / LP will be out on April 7th
Next live gig at Czar Fest on April 14th.
Full article & album stream here...


Today Noise Magazine premiered the brandnew and fun video for "The Dower", taken from AUTISTI's (Louis Jucker & Emilie Zoé) new album, which is going to be released on April 14th via Hummus Records, CRAZYSANE RECORDS and Czar Of Revelations.

Click here to watch the Video at Noise Magazine


Preorder "AUTISTI" now at CzarShop.

AUTISTI is part of the 5LP/CD-Release "L'Altro Mondo: Music with Lovers and Friends", which can also be preordered at CzarShop.

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