Krane's new album "Pleonexia" is out now worldwide!

You can buy it on the CzarShop.

"Szenisch mitreißend und in seiner brutalen Ehrlichkeit durchaus verstörend, entwickelt sich „Pleonexia“ zum schemenhaften Muster sämtlicher kriegerischer Auseinandersetzungen. Selbst abseits des minutiös genau und eindrucksvoll illustrierten Konzepts begeistern Krane durchaus auf rein musikalischer Ebene. Ihr wuchtiger, stellenweise unorthodox inszenierter Post-Rock- bzw. Post-Metal-Sound setzt kleine und große Glanzlicher, begleitet von höchst beklemmender Atmosphäre. So schön und gleichzeitig zutiefst verstörend klingt aktuell keine zweite Band." -



Their album release Party is tonight at Hirscheneck at the Deer Fest, go check them out live!
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Krane on the net:

Kren's new album will be released on 27th of October via Czar of Revelations. You can listen to it now via four excellent magazines:

Legacy (DE)



 Pure Grain Audio (CAN)



Idioteq (FR)



Horns Up (FR)



You can preorder you rcopy of the album via CzarShop.

Krane on the net:


Sum Of R's new album "Orga" will be released on 15th of September 2017 via Czar of Revelations (CD) and Cyclic Law (LP).
The Album has been premiered to day by five great magazines:
You can preorder the CD or LP at the CzarShop.
Or download the album directly at Sum Of R's Bandcamp.
Sum Of R on the web:

SUM OF R’s new album ORGA is out now.

Stream/download Orga directly via Sum Of R’S Bandcamp:

„Sum Of R’s Orga - the soundtrack to 2017. Orga is a beautiful timeless work that everyone—doom enthusiast or not—can enjoy….that is if you can continue the rest of your day with a tinge of despair.“ -Found.

„This one’s kind of difficult to describe without engaging in some serious adjective abuse: droning, minimalist, ambient? Avant-garde instrumental soundscapes? Whatever you call it, Orga is a remarkably calm record and reminds me of some of the less guitar-centric projects that Stephen O’Malley does outside of Sunn O)))“ -Invisible Oranges

„Off the upcoming Orga comes Cobalt Powder, an exemplary droning/ambient marvel which toys with what we know and love as post rock and post metal, further dramatizes it and distorts it beyond recognition, molding it into an amalgam of beauty, melancholy and ambience.“ - Destroy//Exist

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We are happy to add VERWALTZEN to our roster. They released their new selftitled EP by themselves in good old DIY style, but because we love this band so much and because they will release their next soundcarrier via Czar Of Revelations we want to support them. Check them out on their Bandcamp and order their new CDEP directly there or at the CzarShop.

Also check out the review we wrote about Verwaltzen's EP:

"When I listened to it for the first time the first riff of the opening song "Eyes Like Steaks" immediately catched me. Combined with the following immensely authentic sounding vocals, it made me think of some kind of total stoner hit. Although in many ways I don't apreciate the persistent stoner hype, this sound made me curious to hear more and actually it turned out to be a very diverse, heavy, creative and dynamic mix of stoner and the more alternative side of hardcore with passion for good melodies. I even assert that I hear elements from Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals (which in my eyes is Manson's only really interesting record), from 90ies Grunge, Mike Patton's Faith No More & Tomahawk or even Nomeansno from the "Wrong" era. Non of these examples really can catch Verwaltzen's unique spirit, as even during listening the rest of the record you'll find many other different sound scapes from various genres and feelings in down and uptempos. This EP is pounding, sick, crazy and beautiful at the same time. With the closing track "Still Got Feelings" Verwaltzen prove that they are fantastic songwriters with love for details and unconventional harmonies. This last track should have been the ballad of the last, not so convincing, Faith No More record. It would have turned out to be totally outstanding. Ok, let's stop the boring comparisons. This is a striking EP of a very talented, authentic and trends-ignoring band. This last EP is highly recommended."