After more than a year of silence, the cinematic rock darkists Scratches are back to feed the dark ensouled. We feel thrilled to release their new single and video for the brandnew track "Between You And Me" soon.

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We are welcoming Songs For An Eye to the Czar Family - a dark storyteller voice accompanied by wonderful soft guitar melodies. Songs For An Eye is the solo project of no other than Frédéric Hug. Originally the drummer from ZATOKREV, Frédéric left the band to focus more on his very interesting acoustic project, that is all built on the poetry of the great English poet William Blake (1757-1827).

We are thrilled to release Songs For An Eye's debut album Innocence & Experience on February 1st.

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We feel honored to announce the cooperation with INEZ, the band of Ines Brodbeck, a Basel based artist with Cuban roots, who has been unknown to us before and we are now truly blown away about the song material we received. We're looking forward to spread the word and her beautiful music in near future. News about some brandnew outputs to come soon.

"Mystic-americana? Folky-desertpop? Latin-avantgarde? INEZ presents beautiful music of cinematic virtue that casts it’s spell over you at once." -2018 Steffi Klär

Nov 16th live at Kaserne Basel, feat Gabriel Sullivan

INEZ "Heartbeat" One Drop Studio Live-Recordingsession 

"INEZ tauchen tief in die psychedelische Wahrnehmung ab, vermengen fesselndes Gitarrenspiel mit betörendem Gesang – und laden mit dröhnenden Bässen in die Feste der wunderbaren Refrains ein. In wenigen Minuten durchlebt man hier ein Wechselspiel der Emotionen und Zustände, begleitet von befremdlich aber zugleich tröstenden Bildern. Americana trifft auf Psychedelic Rock, Folk auf Singer-Songwriter mit Wucht." -Artnoir

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"this is a damn unique effort. It's something I'd like to recommend to all fans of the unusual and obscure. It's really something else..."
-Merchants of Air

"This album is great, surprising, sometimes expect unexpected."
-Monarch Magazine

"Frische Sichtweisen einzunehmen hilft, die Welt zu verstehen. Diese Platte ist die Perfektion dieser Weisheit."
-Artnoir - Musik Magazin

"Roamer schleifen den Hörer gnadenlos an den Haaren einmal quer durch die alternative Musiklandschaft."
-Der Daniel ist Cool

"Der Hörer wird hier auch mit jedem wiederholten Durchlauf erneut kleine Facetten der eidgenössischen Rockmusik entdecken."
-Hooked On Music

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