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We're gonna release the brandnew split album "BIGOD" from Minsk and Zatokrev in cooperation with Consouling Sounds. At the same time we are welcoming the mighty Minsk in our roster. 

Two bands from two continents, two very different worlds and histories, but in many ways they have occupied parallel universes. Both have forged their own paths forward for over fifteen years. Both have released four albums. Both seek transcendence and deep places in their explorations, uncompromising in their vision, both reveling in their beautiful noise.

On BIGOD, Minsk (USA) and Zatokrev (CH/EU) deliver a joint effort, a deliberative and collaborative intention to reflect their innermost expressions, another search for deeper meaning in the here and now through beautiful psychedelic melancholy paired with the heaviest walls of sound and creative destructiveness. Their shared passion and aesthetics gave rise to the idea for the split album BIGOD. The work creates a new spirit, one who unites two dark souls and joins two paths into one. Here, both bands contribute two epic songs, both receiving vocal support from the other.

To complete the work, Parisian artist, Max Loriot, has created an extraordinary visual realization of BIGOD’s theme, a compelling and interpretive take on the allegorical story of Elijah’s fiery chariot. Two horses with their own will, a burning chariot with no horseman, the spirit fire of creation.
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Minsk/Zatokrev BIGOD Europe tour



"it has a subtle power that is infectious, healing, and recommended." 
-Pure Grain Audio
"Die Band aus Neuchâtel in der Schweiz hat hier ein tolles Werk geschaffen, dass sich mit seinem dichten Sound nicht hinter den amerikanischen Vorbildern verstecken muss."
-Pretty In Noise
"Oregon Trail's spirited sound certainly results to something that belongs within the barriers of post-hardcore, still, this eclectic compound of theirs can be as exceptional as it is fascinating."
"With dark, atmospheric underpinnings, ‘h/aven’ will surely demonstrate OREGON TRAIL’s evolution as artists and we’re truly pleased to present their new work in its shining new glory."
"Who has been looking for the better post-rock album, here goes a lot of listening turns with being satisfied."
-Lords Of Metal
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Oregon Trail live:
16.02.: Gaswerk Winterthur (CH), w/ Darius
22.02.: Queen Kong Club Qkc Neuchâtel, w/ Closet Disco Queen
21.04.: Salle Juventuti Tramelan
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