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Almost 10 years ago we released PALMER's debut THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN which was already a raging beast of an album. After their brilliant second effort MOMENTUM came out via our mates in SUBVERSIV RECORDS in 2011, we feel honored to take care of their new masterpiece. PALMER take nowadays way more atmospheric ways to open a new gate for their ambient, jazz & alternative hardcore influenced enhancements .
Before we will present you their new sounds check out their previous work. We recommend Delirium and Dementia taken from their previous album MOMENTUM. More news about PALMER's upcoming album to come soon:   



Bullets Day - Teaser




coc festival flyer
28.04.2016 - Revelations Day
19:00 - Doors
19:30 - Glauco Ceccarelli
20:20 - Neo Noire
21:10 - King Legba & The Loas
22:00 - Zlang Zlut
22:50 - Serafyn
23:50 - D’Schmiir
29.04.2016 - Bullets Day
19:00 - Doors
19:30 - Ashtar
20:15 - Psychobitch
20:55 - Unhold
21:45 - Expenzer
22:35 - Phased
23:25 - Schammasch
(special guest // release show for the new album "Triangle")
00:30 - Zatokrev
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Wolf Counsel Promo WEB-2 

WOLF COUNSEL came into existence in 2014 when two veteran musicians merged their enthusiasm for monumental low-tuned music and a great appreciation of heavy riffs into a new band. Primarily rooted in the style of late 70s and 80s prototype DOOM, Sludge and Metal their sound quickly developed a unique signature drawing influences from everything that's HEAVY and SLOW.

In January 2015 their debut album "Vol. I - Wolf Counsel" was released digitally, on vinyl and CD by Counsel Records/Dead Center Productions.

After only twelve months Wolf Counsel’s second album "IRONCLAD" was written - recorded, mixed and mastered at Little Creek Studio by V.O. Pulver for a later release in 2016 by Czar Of Crickets Productions.

Wolf Counsel’s music has been called „authentic, and elegantly classic“ by various print and online magazines with comparisons to a „nonstop evoking riffage summoning forth an experimental urge to slaughter a herd of sheep with razor sharp groove and bludgeoning vocal girth." Keep It Heavy – Keep It Slow!

Even before WOLF COUNSEL the bandmembers always had a deep interest in the arts of uncompromising spirituality, mysticism and philosophy. These views and ways are strongly reflected in their lyrical and visual expression.
Latest Releases: