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"it has a subtle power that is infectious, healing, and recommended." 
-Pure Grain Audio
"Die Band aus Neuchâtel in der Schweiz hat hier ein tolles Werk geschaffen, dass sich mit seinem dichten Sound nicht hinter den amerikanischen Vorbildern verstecken muss."
-Pretty In Noise
"Oregon Trail's spirited sound certainly results to something that belongs within the barriers of post-hardcore, still, this eclectic compound of theirs can be as exceptional as it is fascinating."
"With dark, atmospheric underpinnings, ‘h/aven’ will surely demonstrate OREGON TRAIL’s evolution as artists and we’re truly pleased to present their new work in its shining new glory."
"Who has been looking for the better post-rock album, here goes a lot of listening turns with being satisfied."
-Lords Of Metal
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Oregon Trail live:
16.02.: Gaswerk Winterthur (CH), w/ Darius
22.02.: Queen Kong Club Qkc Neuchâtel, w/ Closet Disco Queen
21.04.: Salle Juventuti Tramelan
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