In order to smash up the local music scene, four enthusiastic metalheads joined forces in September 2006 to become Basel’s rawest metal band. After a short orientation phase, in which the four-piece band developed an aggressive and catchy style with high recognition value, first regional shows generated some very positive feedback.

At the beginning of 2008 the band produced their first professional Demo CD „TA 08“, which was later released on the Swiss label Quam Libet Records and gained a lot of attention in the national and international scene.

While the scene was recovering from the devastating assault of our Basel based formation, the band prepared for the next strike and finalised their first full length record “84” in late 2009. Once again produced by V.O. Pulver the record seamlessly tied in with the success of the previous releases and was then re–released by Firefield Records in 2010.

Fuelled by the positive response, Total Annihilation unflinchingly worked on their second full length album and did not lose track when a line-up change in the bass guitar section hit the band. In fact, the line-up increased as a second guitar was integrated into the band’s raw and angry music. This decision proved to be a good choice, since the reaction to the second album “Extinction” by print and online media was abundantly positive. New possibilities opened up and the way for the band’s future was paved.

In the following years the band played a large amount of live gigs including several festival shows (Metaldays Slovenia, Bavarian Metalheadz Open Air, Swiss Metal Masters Z7, BScene Club festival Basel, etc.). Sadly, there were also some major line-up changes on bass guitar, guitar and drums. Nevertheless, the band never quit working on new material and released two split records with Erupdead, Torment Tool and Traitor. Due to the band’s 10-year anniversary, a limited edition live tape of their 90-min special show at Hirscheneck Basel was released as a special gift to the scene.

Stabilised and musically as well as energetically matured, Total Annihilation regained full speed and entered the Iguana Studios to record their most brutal and technically most  sophisticated record “…On Chains Of Doom” with mastermind and long-time friend Christoph Brandes.
An additional partner was found in the label Czar of Crickets, which is as scene-based as the bandmembers themselves. Czar of Crickets is going to concentrate the band’s forces with the release of “…On Chains Of Doom” at the end of 2019 to prove that scene integrity, musical development and powerful thrash metal can surely fit together without ever forgetting its roots.




London purveyors of cathartic existential outrage DAMIM (feat. Nathanael Underwood, ex-Akercocke) have joined forces with Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings to unleash their new album, entitled “A Fine Game Of Nil”, later this year.

The forthcoming album was mixed by Neil Kernon (Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Judas Priest, Nevermore etc.), features guest appearances by Ilia of Indesinence/Binah/Necromaniac & Louis Coates of Agonyst and will see a worldwide digital, vinyl & CD release via Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings and Czar Of Crickets Productions on 28th June 2019.

The band comments:
“We are privileged to be able to announce that we will be releasing "A Fine Game Of Nil" through Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings, joining the ranks of the likes of The Infernal Sea, Skaldic Curse, The Antichrist Imperium and From The Bogs Of Aughiska on their impressive roster and look forward to be working with such a focussed, talented, responsive & exceptionally professional label.”

Check out a playthrough of new song “Beyond The Call Of Emptiness” for a taste of things to come. 

DAMIM live
13 APR (UK) The Black Heart, London
21 APR (IRE) Siege Of Limerick Festival, Limerick
16 MAY (IS) Reykjavik Metalfest
06 JUL (FI) Kotka Open Air
18 JUL (UK) Gryphon, Bristol

DAMIM online





"I could do a write-up like that for each of the eight songs on this record, simply because we are dealing with an album that has no fillers and only killers. The heavy sound of Unhold dances, darts, weaves and distorts, constantly showing interesting plot twists, making this album rank high in creativity. But make no mistake, there is no experimentation here just for the heck of it. No. Every piece of every song is excellently well thought out and sounds both flowing and solid. Occasionally Amenra-like scenes unfold before your eyes...ears! But Unhold treads very different pathways, making this comparison superficial at best. The brief addition of keyboards and piano makes sure the sound is complete. I am very much impressed with everything that is going on on 'Here Is The Blood'." 91/100
- Lords Of Metal

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Unhold live:
16.Nov.2018 CH - Basel, Kaschemme, w/ Tyrannosaurus Globi
24.Nov.2018 CH - Olten, Coq d'Or, w/ Celeste
29.Nov.2018 CH - Meiringen, Sherlock Lounge-Club
30.Nov.2018 CH - Bern, Dachstock Reitschule - Tribute to Uristier
21.Dec.2018 CH - Winterhur, Gaswerk, w/ Killbody Tuning
22.Dec.2018 CH - Bern, Dachstock, Record Release Show w/ Ølten
05.Jan.2019 CH - Luzern, Sedel, w/ Abraham
15.Jan.2019 CH - Thun, Mokka





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